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mommy said not to talk to strangers.. but she's always drunk all the time why should I listen to her advice?

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MrApophis's News

Posted by MrApophis - March 31st, 2016

Well, this site has radically changed since it's inception. It owes its success to trolling, via Tellytubby funland, Pico's School (which makes fun of columbine) and other shit the creator made. However, after around 2008 the content started to just .. become degenerate. Back in the days before youtube and google videos, Newgrounds was the hub of adolescent activity. However, as the internet evolved, our computers and networks were strong enough for videos on the go instead of waiting 5 fucking hours for it to load or bypassing our data limit.

If you look at the average flash submitted today, it seems like you have to be some fruity generation z autist to understand or enjoy it. I registered this account in 08 or 09 but never used it until 2014. I figured I'd carry on the legacy of the ancient by trolling and shitposting, much like Livecorpse did. However, some faggot mod deleted all of my audio except for 3. I've stopped by after a month to check in on my content.

I want to say, fuck all of you up the ass with a Saguaro cactus. All of you except for my friends, who I won't name because i dont want the faggot SJW mods b&ing you too.

This site is culturally dead. as gay and degenerate as 4chan is, even it's better quality than here. This site stopped being relevant around the time Obama was first getting into power. It was fun to troll or shitpost but my work here is done. Good day. I won't be missed by all you autists, and vise versa. I have better sites to frequent.


Posted by MrApophis - March 18th, 2016

BrokenDeck has banned you from submitting audio.

Reason: Audio spam and promoting hate speech in the audio comments and song itself.

Ban Expires: 6/15/16


BrokenDeck has banned you from submitting audio.

Reason: Audio spam and promoting hate speech in the audio comments and song itself.

Ban Expires: 6/15/16


BrokenDeck has banned you from submitting audio.

Reason: Audio spam containing offensive material dangerously amplified. Homophobic slurs in your song description.

Ban Expires: 1 month from now


BrokenDeck has banned you from submitting audio.

Reason: Audio spam containing offensive material dangerously amplified. Homophobic slurs in your song description.

Ban Expires: 1 month from now




Posted by MrApophis - February 2nd, 2016

Little braids like horns,
this flesh born bone leaves sores.
Little horn is born, sworn to the blood
in all that implies after being on the frontlines
of the hidden genocide;
Time to turn the tide,
take the guize of a genocidal genius.
Feels like none of the people can see this.
Depletion with depletion,
seeking the solution,
but there are no easy answers,
for this classroom execution.
Born on a plane that is not the same as their mind,
I am the weak, the sick, the one left behind.
God damnit I'm sick of their kind!
Pieces of shit don't even know what they are;
in their little cliques, laughing and smiling with their friends,
passing judgement on everything they see-
I know they're laughing at me.

I am an angel in disguise,
sent to either be nurtured or denied.
I am an angel that fide, so as punished with this life.
My feathers have not changed,
I still blame god for making me this way.
That is my nature, the true test was for you
to nurture a soul you could see needed structure.
For all of your talk of tradition, you never taught acceptance;
of the benefits of being receptive.
Instead, you took my beauty as a commonality,
of a word you didn't hesitate to call me.

Reinforcing old war wounds, you made me legion.
Here to bring your ruin, and the changing of reason.
Trapped in this physical body, I can only see one way to be free.

I will change this fucked up world, by making sure everyone knows of me...

Posted by MrApophis - December 11th, 2015

its gonna be a while till I make more shit, basically uhh.. stereo mix fucked up and I tried all the fixes and even did a sys restore incase of audio driver 'updates' but to no avail. I might use my shitty mic from 2001 just to make the grindcore noise even more unbearable but its all dependant on who supports my masterful artwork

Posted by MrApophis - February 22nd, 2015

This is a list of song titles I'm crunching the data out onto the internet translating from one of my many writing journals. I am obviously doing this for the purpose of ease-of-access to this data which is quite essential to my development as a -hopefully- respectable artist, hoping to base myself anywhere outside the red states. So without further adue or whatefver the FUCK that word was .. here goes!

Running out of Song titles sucks

Texas is in the Closet

Richard Dawkins looks like the Queen of England

Homosexual Holocaust

Acidic Cumshot

Sun Belt Suicide

Mainstream Marijuana

Penile Panic

Slayer of Sodomites

Gympie Gympie Torture Machine

Neglecting my Academics

Malaysian Mass Murder

Bacterial Vaginosis

War of Terror

Arab @ the Airport

Talk Shows are dumb

Genocidal Delinquint

Small Town Suicide

Idaho fucking sucks

Reduced to Ashes

Tribalistic Warfare

German Guilt

Genocide Denial

Train to Auchwitz

Method of Steepest Descent

Type 3 Civilizations are Cool

Gluonic Terror

Homeless Abuse

All Women are Whores

Sexual Cannibalism

White people

Drenched in Gasoline

Merciless Homicide


Oriental orgasms

You're a Stock Photographer

You jack off to furry porn

Black man smiling while using laptop

Jerk-off Booth Janitor

Flutes are for Faggots

Shot down over the  South China Sea

Galactic Genocide

Concieved in Sewage

Legalize Glue

Japanese War Criminal

Drug Dealer

Mummified Fetus

Irradiated Fetus

Cemetary Rapist

Togolese Cannibal Warlord

Sudanese War Criminal

Stone Age Cannibalism

Babies Buried Alive

Penile Beheading

Forced into Fellatio

Screamers are Cool

Child Lobotomization

Mass Murdering Madman

Bullet Ant Fleshlight

Possessed by Demons

You bought a fleshlight

Pedophillic Overlord

You got a liberal arts degree

Scientifically Discovered

sh0t sk0l

Assault on the Liberal Hivemind

Michael Bay is Gay

Papua New Guinean Cannibalism

Physics Beyond the Standard Model

Hostile Jungle Enviornment

Physically Educated

Penile Skinflake

Kip Kinkels Kool

Vaginal Coinpurse

Jewish Induced Financial Collapse

Cast into a Zero World

Expedition to Extermination

Secret Underground Pedophile Cultist Civilization

Justifiable Holocaust

Nationally Socialized

Songwriting Sucks

Quad Core Terrorism

Flunking the Finals

Gun control is gay

Forced Global Sterilization Conducted by the UN


Ryan Dunn'd

Active Shooter Simulation

Central African Lightning Strike

Flash Mob Epidemic

Nusery Home Massacre

Liberally Induced Sociteal Collapse

Evaluated in a Mental Institution

Sexual Disinterest

Fetal Fatality

Child Cannibalism

Gory Hole

Deep Sea Drill Rape


Native American Narcotics

Texan Terrorism

Billy the babyfucker

Soviet Execution

Hung Drawn and Quartered

WTC - Twisted Metal

Surrounded by Scumbags

The Grinch of Sandy Hook

Sweat Shop Suicide

Body by Auchwitz

Asteroid Terrorism

Slutwalker Slaughter

Algerian Time Traveler

Togolese Refugee

Sentient Anal Wart

Chlorofluorocarbonal Terrorism

Vagistical Desertification

Accellerating Faggotry


Boston Bomberman

Violation of the Innocent

Intestinal Cumshot

Icelandic Cannibalism

Sambian Initiation

Erosion of Civil Liberties

Indefinitely Detained

Internet Historian

Genepool Purification

Vaginal Hideout

Instinct of Survival

Sexual Suppression

Suicidal Office Employee

Lady Gaga is a Man / gagapenis

Throatfucked for Allah

Sacrificed to a Non-existent Being

Circle of Discarded Infants

Terry Shiavo Tentacle Rape

Spiritual Suicide

Clearing Out the Genepool

Domestically Terrorized

Publically Executed in the Name of God

No Child Left Behind - Lanza mix

Harold Shipman is a Hero

Lethally Injected

Cho 2.0


Sea of endless Isolation

Antisocial Aggression

Posted by MrApophis - February 19th, 2015

You have been banned from submitting reviews for the next 2 days.
This is a result of the review you left for Tubby Beat on 2/19/15 at 9:36:28 AM:

Score: 8 / 10

The moderator kidray76 gave the following reason for the ban:

"Please critique the product only. No one cares about your penor."

Posted by MrApophis - February 19th, 2015

i'll jolt down the planned songs later

Posted by MrApophis - January 22nd, 2015

you fags won't let me put my flashes up here yet you allow a bunch of autistic bullshit, literally I can pick 5 flashes at random from the 'new' area to demonstrate what ng considers 'talent' these days.












I'm putting my content on ED and other superior sites, it seems NG is no longer the amazing place it used to be a decade ago. http://get.swfchan.org/6566/AUTISM.swf

Posted by MrApophis - December 19th, 2014

i kidnapped mr. peabody and his "way back machine"
when we got there i sold him to a chinese restaurant

i punched every girl i saw in the face
on the way to the booth to vote for hitler

i went back in time and voted for hitler[x 4]

repeat first verse


i just voted for adolf hitler[x 4]

Posted by MrApophis - November 20th, 2014


we got to legalize glue, maaan


We need over 9000 signatures by 4/20/99