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2016-03-31 19:03:32 by MrApophis

Well, this site has radically changed since it's inception. It owes its success to trolling, via Tellytubby funland, Pico's School (which makes fun of columbine) and other shit the creator made. However, after around 2008 the content started to just .. become degenerate. Back in the days before youtube and google videos, Newgrounds was the hub of adolescent activity. However, as the internet evolved, our computers and networks were strong enough for videos on the go instead of waiting 5 fucking hours for it to load or bypassing our data limit.

If you look at the average flash submitted today, it seems like you have to be some fruity generation z autist to understand or enjoy it. I registered this account in 08 or 09 but never used it until 2014. I figured I'd carry on the legacy of the ancient by trolling and shitposting, much like Livecorpse did. However, some faggot mod deleted all of my audio except for 3. I've stopped by after a month to check in on my content.

I want to say, fuck all of you up the ass with a Saguaro cactus. All of you except for my friends, who I won't name because i dont want the faggot SJW mods b&ing you too.

This site is culturally dead. as gay and degenerate as 4chan is, even it's better quality than here. This site stopped being relevant around the time Obama was first getting into power. It was fun to troll or shitpost but my work here is done. Good day. I won't be missed by all you autists, and vise versa. I have better sites to frequent.


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2016-04-01 00:12:24

See ya later guy. 4chans /b/ honestly isn't better than general but they'd probably have a better time there. Maybe /r9k/ ?


2016-04-01 01:00:17

I first came here around 2001, believe it or not. I was probably 14 or 15. Back then, this place was where you could find "the problems of the future today!" Now it's , uh, something else. Back then Newgrounds was just about the most transgressive, edgy site on the web. Flash animation was a new thing and everyone's minds were blown. You had celebrity assassin, Paco (Columbine was fresh back then so hilarity ensued), and loads of other wonderfully violent and offensive content. I miss those days. You would have loved it back then. No one would have banned you over the stuff you post. Hell, you'd have probably been one of the top contributors. It's a sad time for Newgrounds now that it embraces the whole SJW horseshit. I am very disappointed. About the only thing this site has to offer now is the audio section, but apparently even that isn't safe. Still, I will probably drop in from time to time the way I've been doing the last couple of years. It's one of the last online creative outlets I still occasionally use. Hope you stop by from time to time too in spite of the dickless mods. Even if you don't, we'll still probably cross paths online from time to time. Afterall, we have before. It's strange how many times I've accidentally spotted you in other places I frequent online. I guess godlike minds think alike.


2016-04-06 15:37:41

Oh shit !!! (I'm not an englishspoken, so I apologise for my mistakes...)
Only a few words: -your publications brought something different to this website, I appreciate that !
-people bravely hiding behind their computer spending their time to denunce other people because they have a different vision of what internet is are rollerblading faggots acting like good old 40's fascists.
-I hate censorship so much.
Good luck for your next projects on the Internet !


2016-12-07 11:07:38

The problem isn't the mods. The problem is that you told the right user, "Cry some more little girl." You thought it was fun to troll until you got snitched out to the mods and your content got deleted. At the end of the day, though, you brought it on yourself.


2016-12-26 04:08:36

Hear hear. Newgrounds basically died when the faggot admins sided with Sarkeesian.

Godspeed, you intellectual of the ages. If you ever read this, I'd like to know of some better, uninfected sites.

MrApophis responds:

4chan is cancer but its still worth it to lurk esp /pol/ and /k/
ED is dying but 2 of us work hard as fuck to archive any lulz going on
the internet is just dead due to SJWs and Normies now you're fucked


2017-04-09 23:17:37

There have to be SOME disease-free sites that can fill the gap. I know SomethingAwful is infected (Thanks for nothing, Lowtax and Slowfat), but what about Slashdot?

MrApophis responds:

Slashdot is fun to troll
ED is run by lazy fags now but it's still good